Saturday, October 25, 2008

What is my Religion?

What defines my religion? By birth, I belong to one religion, the religion of my parents. By education, I belong to the religion of my teachers. By career, I belong to the religion of my employer. By virtues, I belong to the religion of my friends and people around me. By inner conscience, I belong to the religion that lets me live in peace and tranquility.
Overall, I belong to the religion called " Humanity" - the name of my spiritual religion. The religion of humanity lets me live in the way my consciousness and inner-self determines the right path and beliefs and faiths that guard me and guide me always. This is my world and myself to enjoy the humanity because what ever may be the faith or the way of prayer, ultimately the destination is a belief in a super power that is guiding the mankind. The super power is not seen, not heard, or not met... The super power is only believed. It is the belief and faith, faith in an unseen God, which in turn is nothing but the judgement of your heart, mind and soul, to make you go in the righteousness of the world.

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