Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Little Ego

The Little Ego

This puppet ego the World-Mother made,
This little profiteer of Nature's works,
Her trust in his life-tenancy betrayed,
Makes claim on claim, all debt to her he shirks.

Each movement of our life our ego fills;
Inwoven in each thread of being's weft,
When most we vaunt our selflessness it steals
A sordid part; no corner void is left.

One way lies free our heart and soul to give,
Our body and mind to Thee and every cell,
And stepped in Thy world-infinity to live.

Then lost in light, shall fade the ignoble spell.
Nature, of her rebellion quit, shall be
A breath of the Spirit's vast serenity.

26 and 29-9-1939

Sri Aurobindo

The Miracle of Birth

The Miracle of Birth

I saw my soul a traveller through Time;
From life to life the cosmic ways it trod,
Obscure in the depths and on the heights sublime,
Evolving from the word into the god.

A spark of the eternal Fire, it came
To build a house in Matter for the Unborn.
The inconscient sunless Night received the flame;
In the brute seed of things dumb and forlorn.

Life stirred and Thought outlined a gleaming shape
Till on the stark inanimate earth could move,
Born to somnambulist Nature in her sleep
A thinking creature who can hope and love.

Still by slow steps the miracle goes on,
The Immortal's gradual birth mid mire and stone.

27, 29-9-1939

Sri Aurobindo

The Bliss of Brahman

The Bliss of Brahman

I have become a foam-white sea of bliss,
I am a curling wave of God's delight,
A shapeless flow of happy passionate light,
A whirlpool of the streams of Paradise.

I am a cup of His felicities,
A thunderblast of His golden ecstasy's might,
A fire of joy upon creation's height,
I am His rapture's wonderful abyss.

I am drunken with the glory of the Lord,
I am vanquished by the beauty of the Unborn;
I have looked, alive, upon the Eternal's face.

My mind is cloven by His radiant sword,
My heart by His beatific touch is torn;
My life is a meteor-dust of His flaming Grace.

29-9-1939 & 21-10-1939

Sri Aurobindo

Friday, November 22, 2013

OM in the Epic Savitri

Escape brings not the victory and the crown!
Something thou cam'st to do from the Unknown,
But nothing is finished and the world goes on
Because only half God's cosmic work is done.
Only the everlasting No has neared
And stared into thy eyes and killed thy heart:
But where is the Lover's everlasting Yes,
And immortality in the secret heart,
The voice that chants to the creator Fire,
The symbolled OM, the great assenting Word,
The bridge between the rapture and the calm,
The passion and the beauty of the Bride,
The chamber where the glorious enemies kiss,
The smile that saves, the golden peak of things?
This too is Truth at the mystic fount of Life.

With the help of OM
one can realize the Divine.
 OM has a transforming power.
OM represents the Divine...
If anything goes wrong,
repeat OM, all will go well.


Divine Petals

"Flowers speak to us when we know how to listen to them," the Mother said. "It is a subtle and fragrant language." As if to provide a key to this language, she identified the significances of almost nine hundred flowers. In this book, The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in Pondicherry, India, gives significances to these flowers and their meanings which are presented in the light of her vision and experience. Mother says that by entering into contact with the nature of the flower that she feels it's inner truth and knows what it represents; from entering into contact with it she gives it a precise meaning.

Divine Petals is a collection of almost 900 species of flowers arranged by spiritual significance. 

Verses to Ensure a blissful Dawn- Sri Aurobindo

Into being’s gap scooped out as empty Space
In which she had filled the place of absent God,
There poured a wide intimate and blissful Dawn;
Healed were all things that Time’s torn heart had made
And sorrow could live no more in Nature’s breast:

Division ceased to be, for God was there.
I smite the Titan who bestrides the world
And slay the ogre in his blood-stained den.
I am Durga, goddess of the proud and strong,
And Lakshmi, queen of the fair and fortunate;
I wear the face of Kali when I kill,
I trample the corpses of the demon hordes.
Sri Aurobindo
O mortal, bear this great world’s law of pain,
In thy hard passage through a suffering world
Lean for thy soul’s support on Heaven’s strength,
Turn towards high Truth, aspire to love and peace.
A little bliss is lent thee from above,
A touch divine upon thy human days.
Make of thy daily way a pilgrimage,
For through small joys and griefs thou mov’st towards God.
Sri Aurobindo
Only when we have climbed above ourselves,
A line of the Transcendent meets our road
And joins us to the timeless and the true;
It brings to us the inevitable word,
The godlike act, the thoughts that never die.

The aspiration is always the sign of the possibility and perseverance leads to the certitude of realisation.

Nature shall live to manifest secret God,
The Spirit shall take up the human play,

This earthly life become the life divine.
In her the conscious Will took human shape:
She only can save herself and save the world.
O soul, intruder in Nature’s ignorance,
Armed traveller to the unseen supernal heights,
Thy spirit’s fate is a battle and ceaseless march
Against invisible opponent Powers,
A passage from Matter into timeless self.
On the alter throwing thy thoughts, thy heart, thy works,
Thy fate is a long sacrifice to the gods
Till they have opened to thee thy secret self
And made thee one with the indwelling God.
This world was not built with random bricks of Chance,
A blind god is not destiny’s architect;
A conscious power has drawn the plan of life,
There is a meaning in each curve and line.
The mind of mortal man is led by words,
His sight retires behind the walls of Thought
And looks out only through half-opened doors.
A Magician’s formulas have made Matter’s laws
And while they last, all things by them are bound;
But the spirit’s consent is needed for each act
And Freedom walks with same pace with Law.
All hear can change if the Magician choose
The supermind shall claim the world for Light
And thrill with love of God the enamoured heart
And place Light’s crown on Nature’s lifted head
And found Light’s reign on her unshaking base.
“Thy peace, O Lord, a boon within to keep
Amid the roar and ruin of wild Time
For the magnificent soul of man on earth.
Thy calm, O Lord, that bears thy hands of joy.”
This in us laughs and weeps, suffers the stroke,
Exults in victory, struggles for the crown;
Identified with the mind and body and life,
It takes on itself their anguish and defeat,
Bleeds with Fate’s whips and hangs upon the cross,
Yet is the unwounded and immortal self
Supporting the actor in the human scene.

Book II Chapter XXVII pp. 1008-1009

The three powers which present themselves to our life as the
three keys to its mystery are the individual, the cosmic entity and
the Reality present in both and beyond them. These three mysteries
of existence would find in the life of the supramental being a
united fulfilment of their harmony. He will be the perfected and
complete individual, fulfilled in the satisfaction of his growth
and self-expression; for all his elements would be carried to a
highest degree and integrated in some kind of comprehensive
largeness. What we are striving towards is completeness and
harmony; an imperfection and incapacity or a discord of our
nature is that from which inwardly we most suffer. But this
is because of our incompleteness of being, our imperfect self
knowledge, our imperfect possession of our self and our nature.
A complete self-knowledge in all things and at all moments
is the gift of the supramental gnosis and with it a complete
self-mastery, not merely in the sense of control of Nature but
in the sense of a power of perfect self-expression in Nature.
Whatever knowledge of self there would be, would be perfectly
embodied in the will of the self, the will perfectly embodied in
the action of the self; the result would be the self’s complete
dynamic self-formulation in its own nature. In the lower grades
of gnostic being, there would be a limitation of self-expression
according to the variety of the nature, a limited perfection in
order to formulate some side, element or combined harmony of
elements of some Divine Totality, a restricted selection of powers
from the cosmic figure of the infinitely manifold One. But in the
supramental being this need of limitation for perfection would
disappear; the diversity would not be secured by limitation but
by a diversity in the power and hue of the Supernature: the
same whole of being and the same whole of nature would express
themselves in an infinitely diverse fashion; for each being
would be a new totality, harmony, self-equation of the One
Being. What would be expressed in front or held behind at any
moment would depend not on capacity or incapacity, but on the
dynamic self-choice of the Spirit, its delight of self-expression,
on the truth of the Divine’s will and joy of itself in the individual
and, subordinately, on the truth of the thing that had to be done
through the individual in the harmony of the totality. For the
complete individual is the cosmic individual, since only when
we have taken the universe into ourselves—and transcended it
—can our individuality be complete.
Book II  Chapter XXVII  pp.  1008-1009

Power of Action- A Divine Force

A divine force shall flow through tissue and cell
And take the charge of breath and speech and act
And all the thoughts shall be a glow of suns

And every feeling a celestial thrill.

Pain is the hand of Nature sculpturing men
To greatness: an inspired labour chisels
With heavenly cruelty an unwilling mould.
Although the shaping god’s tremendous touch
Is torture unbearable to mortal nerves,
The fiery spirit grows in strength within
And fills a joy in every titan pang.

The Life Divine

For in fact both individual and universe are simultaneous
and interrelated expressions of the same transcendent Being;
even though in the Ignorance and under its law there is maladjustment
and conflict, yet there must be a right relation,
an equation to which all arrives but which is missed by our
blindness of ego, our attempt to affirm the ego and not the
Self one in all. The supramental consciousness has that truth of
relation in itself as its natural right and privilege, since it is the
supermind that determines the cosmic relations and the relations
of the individual with the universe, determines them freely and
sovereignly as a power of the Transcendence. In themental being
even the pressure of the cosmic consciousness overpowering the
ego and an awareness of the transcendent Reality might not of
themselves bring about a dynamic solution; for there might still
be an incompatibility between its liberated spiritual mentality
and the obscure life of the cosmic Ignorance which the mind
would not have the power to solve or overcome. But in the supramental
being, not only statically conscious but fully dynamic and
acting in the creative light and power of the Transcendence, the
supramental light, the truth light,
rtam jyotih , would have that
power. For there would be a unity with the cosmic self, but
not a bondage to the Ignorance of cosmic Nature in its lower
formulation; there would on the contrary be a power to act in
the light of the Truth on that Ignorance. A large universality
of self-expression, a large harmonic universality of world-being
would be the very sign of the supramental Person in his gnostic
Book II  Chapter XXVII  p. 1010

The Divine Compassion is limitless.

Be Noble and Belong to Her!

And after all, it is perhaps the last test which the Divine gives to anyone: “Now that you are noble, you are disinterested, you have no egoism, you belong only to me, I am going to make you triumph. We are going to see if you will hold out.”
The Mother


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

“Sri Aurobindo As I Saw Him” on Thursday, 23rd May 2013 at Kolkata

Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre Trust and Overman Foundation have organized an interactive session with Shri Prabir Nahar titled “Sri Aurobindo As I Saw Him” on Thursday, 23rd May 2013 at 6.30 p.m. in the premises of Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre located at P—532, BLOCK “M”, New Alipore, Kolkata 700053.
Born on 12 January 1937 to Dhir Singh and Rajsena Nahar, Shri Prabir Nahar was an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram from 1941 to 1960. After completing his education from Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education he joined the Centre as a teacher of Mathematics and Chemistry. After returning to Kolkata in 1960, he joined Ruby General Insurance Company Limited and subsequently National Insurance Company Limited and retired as an Assistant Manager. He was a nominated member of Hull Tariff Advisory Committee from 1993 to 1997 and took classes in Indian Institute of Post Management (Kolkata) and National Centre of Hearing (Narendrapur). 
The pleasure of your presence is requested on the said occasion.
For further enquiries please contact Shri Partha Sarathi Bose and Shri Anurag Banerjee in the following phone numbers and email addresses:
Shri Partha Sarathi Bose (0 9831040853 and 0 9831070187; email:
Shri Anurag Banerjee (0 9830244192 and 0 9804205059; email:

Smile at an enemy

Thy Spirit's Walk

O man, the events that meet thee on thy road,
Though they smite thy body and soul with joy and grief,
Are not thy fate, - they touch thee awhile and pass;
Even death can cut not short thy spirit’s walk:
Thy goal, the road thou choosest are thy fate.
Sri Aurobindo

Pain is the signature of the Ignorance
Attesting the secret god denied by life:
Until life finds him pain can never end.
Sri Aurobindo

When people say, “I am bad , I am sinful”, they always weaken themselves.
You must say quietly , “yes , there are defects ,as in all human beings , but
They will go , for I aspire sincerely for the Divine.”

-Sri Aurobindo