Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Bliss of Brahman

The Bliss of Brahman

I have become a foam-white sea of bliss,
I am a curling wave of God's delight,
A shapeless flow of happy passionate light,
A whirlpool of the streams of Paradise.

I am a cup of His felicities,
A thunderblast of His golden ecstasy's might,
A fire of joy upon creation's height,
I am His rapture's wonderful abyss.

I am drunken with the glory of the Lord,
I am vanquished by the beauty of the Unborn;
I have looked, alive, upon the Eternal's face.

My mind is cloven by His radiant sword,
My heart by His beatific touch is torn;
My life is a meteor-dust of His flaming Grace.

29-9-1939 & 21-10-1939

Sri Aurobindo

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