Friday, November 22, 2013

The Life Divine

For in fact both individual and universe are simultaneous
and interrelated expressions of the same transcendent Being;
even though in the Ignorance and under its law there is maladjustment
and conflict, yet there must be a right relation,
an equation to which all arrives but which is missed by our
blindness of ego, our attempt to affirm the ego and not the
Self one in all. The supramental consciousness has that truth of
relation in itself as its natural right and privilege, since it is the
supermind that determines the cosmic relations and the relations
of the individual with the universe, determines them freely and
sovereignly as a power of the Transcendence. In themental being
even the pressure of the cosmic consciousness overpowering the
ego and an awareness of the transcendent Reality might not of
themselves bring about a dynamic solution; for there might still
be an incompatibility between its liberated spiritual mentality
and the obscure life of the cosmic Ignorance which the mind
would not have the power to solve or overcome. But in the supramental
being, not only statically conscious but fully dynamic and
acting in the creative light and power of the Transcendence, the
supramental light, the truth light,
rtam jyotih , would have that
power. For there would be a unity with the cosmic self, but
not a bondage to the Ignorance of cosmic Nature in its lower
formulation; there would on the contrary be a power to act in
the light of the Truth on that Ignorance. A large universality
of self-expression, a large harmonic universality of world-being
would be the very sign of the supramental Person in his gnostic
Book II  Chapter XXVII  p. 1010

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