Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Words of Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo’ s Sadhana and its Purpose

Words of Sri Aurobindo:

My point about my Sadhana was that my Sadhana was not done for myself but for the earth-consciousness as a showing of the way towards the Light, so that whatever I showed in it to be possible — inner growth, transforma­tion, manifesting of new faculties, etc. — was not of no importance to anybody, but meant as an opening of lines and ways for what had to be done.


I have no intention of achieving the Supermind for myself only — I am not doing anything for myself, as I have no personal need of anything, neither of salvation (Moksha) nor supramentalisation. If I am seeking after supramentalisation, it is because it is a thing that has to be done for the earth-consciousness and if it is not done in myself, it can­not be done in others. My supramentalisation is only a key for opening the gates of the supramental to the earth-consciousness .


I am seeking to bring some principle of inner Truth, Light, Harmony, Peace into the earth-consciousness ; I see it above and know what it is — I feel it ever gleaming down on my consciousness from above and I am seeking to make it possible for it to take up the whole being into its own na­tive power, instead of the nature of man continuing to re­main in half-light, half-darkness. I believe the descent of this Truth opening the way to a development of divine consciousness here to be the final sense of the earth evolu­tion.

(Excerpts from some early letters to the Mother in Japan)

Heaven we have possessed, but not the earth; but the full­ness of the Yoga is to make, in the formula of the Veda, "Heaven and Earth equal and one".


I must remain in touch with the world until I have either mastered adverse circumstances or succumbed or carried on the struggle between the spiritual and physical so far as I am destined to carry it on. This is how I have always seen things and still see them. As for failure, difficulty and apparent impossibility I am too much habituated to them to be much impressed by their constant self-presentation except for passing moments....

One needs to have a calm heart, a settled will, entire self-abnegation and the eyes constantly fixed on the be­yond to live undiscouraged in times like these which are truly a period of universal decomposition. For myself, I follow the Voice and look neither to right nor to left of me. The result is not mine and hardly at all now even the la­bour.


... there is a sort of locked struggle in which neither side can make a very appreciable advance (somewhat like the trench warfare in Europe), the spiritual force insisting against the resistance of the physical world, that resist­ance disputing every inch and making more or less effec­tive counter-attacks. ... And if there were not the strength and Ananda within, it would be harassing and disgusting work; but the eye of knowledge looks beyond and sees that it is only a protracted episode.


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