Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Conscious Inconscient - By Srikant Jivarajani

There is the noise of the vehicles bellow,
Car, Scooter, motor-cycle and auto's horn
Bark, and radios shout and bay and show
Above in the silence of the skies is born:

Mute, passive, indifferent to life under its dome,
Yon in north-west the twinkle of a lonely star,
That doth hide-and-seek behind the clouds that roam:
There is a gap between the two - earth and sky afar.

A gap too unbridgeable of the cronos' make,
Hath made the move, whence sprung the power,
Whose was the light, life, energy, to take
This have I asked to my being with a prayer.

Answer have I received none from the morn
Whose dew-drops peep from the lotus-leaf;
The evening in her quiet mood looks forlorn:
Thus am I left to look back to my soul's relief.

The veil lifts in yon east of Apollo's lawn,
Slowly his warmth, light, heat, truth asunder,
Apollo that of day-break tears apart at dawn,
A knowledge was held in my bosom with wonder.

In the black and dark heavens for the moment,
Do I behold the pencil-light that slowly gropes,
And Whispers to ear, "Hello!" in deep firmament
Then sinks back into clouds without any hopes.

Liquid now seems the voice travelling in night,
Its destination - darkness and inconscient deep;
In a fine ether, that hardly allows that light,
And it is lost in a slumber and wiff of sleep.

Thus rule of the silence, the light, the love,
Has no link with this dark below,- remains above
O make thy unity supreme, through the universe,
So that thy pure bliss may reign all nectarous.

12.10.96. - 14.08.10.
Thanks to Srikantji for this contribution

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