Thursday, June 1, 2017

Conversations with the Mother - Pictures of Divine Samadhi

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“Every day things seem to become worse. In truth we feel more and more disgusted with the old rotting world, and are more and more convinced of the necessity of founding, somewhere out of the well-trodden tracks, a new centre of life in which a new and truer light can be manifested, a new world no more based on selfish competitions and egoistic strife but on general and eager endeavours to promote the welfare, knowledge and progress of all—a society based on spiritual aspiration instead of lust for money and material power.”—THE MOTHER

“Good will for all and good will from all is the basis of peace and harmony.”

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As different parts of our country and the world suffers the effect of terror, strife, wars and hatred, it is time to call in the Divine help and pray for a brighter, better future.

The Mother says: “It is true that 'we' are passing through a difficult period ('we' means the world) but those who remain steady will get out of it much stronger than before.”

(*This photo taken on the August 15, 1964, by Pranab da depicting one of the Mudras of The Mother: 'Truth must conquer and dominate falsehood'.)

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