Thursday, June 1, 2017


“It is the lesson of life that always in this world everything fails a man—only the Divine does not fail him, if he turns entirely to the Divine. It is not because there is something bad in you that blows fall on you,—blows fall on all human beings because they are full of desire for things that cannot last and they lose them or, even if they get, it brings disappointment and cannot satisfy them. To turn to the Divine is the only truth in life.”
—Sri Aurobindo

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Thoughts and Aphorisms
'Thoughts and Aphorisms' by Sri Aurobindo are numbered 1 to 547 (as per the Fifth Edition published in 1982). This Thought/Aphorism is numbered 409, under the section titled 'Bhakti'.

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Easter, the principal feast of the Christian year commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is celebrated this year on April 14. The Easter holiday begins with the 40-day observation of Lent that began on Ash Wednesday and will end at midnight on Holy Saturday before Easter Sunday. The Octave of Easter extends from Easter Sunday to the following Sunday. White garme... See More


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