Thursday, June 1, 2017


The Mother came to Pondicherry for the first time in March 1914. She returned to France in 1915 and then went to Japan in 1916. She returned to Pondicherry on April 24, 1920, never to leave again. On this significant date, the Mother once wrote to a disciple:

(About 24 April 1920)
“The anniversary of my return to Pondicherry, which was the tangible sign of the sure Victory over the adverse forces.”

It was then that slowly the Ashram grew and took shape around Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. This date, April 24, is also celebrated in the Ashram as one of the Darshan days. On that day, Sri Aurobindo's room will be kept open for Darshan to the visitors.

The Mother spoke of her experience on her Final Arrival:
“But to have this precise perception... Listen, as I had when I came from Japan: I was on the boat, at sea, not expecting anything (I was of course busy with the inner life, but I was living physically on the boat), when all of a sudden, abruptly, about two nautical miles from Pondicherry, the quality, I may even say the physical quality of the atmosphere, of the air, changed so much that I knew we were entering the aura of Sri Aurobindo. It was a physical experience and I guarantee that whoever has a sufficiently awakened consciousness can feel the same thing.”
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