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December Poo- Tumblr (Botanical Name- Barleria cristata)

December Poo

This Flower is called "December Flower" it got its name just because they blossom during the month of December every year.

December poo Vizhipunarvai tharum

Creating the awareness and alertness in life

Below is a small article got from the Deccan Chronicle website.

"December poo goes missing this year"

Dec. 11: “Gone are the days when we waited for hours with baskets in our hand for the flower vendor to come and call ‘Amma December poo ’, lamented 73-year-old Mythili Subramanian. “During Karthigai and Margazhi, women used to sit in the ‘thinnai’ in front of their houses and tie the flowers with ‘naar’ and later in the evening go around the streets with flowers on our heads meeting relatives and visiting temples. Now I hardly get to see the lovely blue flowers in the markets and the street corner,” she added in a sad voice. It’s not just Ms Subramanian, several people across the state are missing the colourful flower this season.

Traders at Koyambedu market complain that while 200 bags of the flowers arrived in the city around the same time in 2008, only 30 bags have made their way to the market this year. “This time the cultivation of this flower has also dwindled,” noted Mr Arul Vishwasam, president of the Koyambedu flower market.

“Even as there was no long-term data that held climate change culprit for variation in flowering patterns, there are several indications that the plant species were reacting to fluctuations in temperature and humidity,” notes Dr D. Narasimhan, reader, centre for floristic research, department of plant biology and biotechnology, Madras Christian College.

“Flowering plants like roses and December poo that bloom after the monsoon are extremely sensitive and need a particular micro-climate - low temperature with lots of moisture in the air. However, this year, the mist did not set in even towards the end of November - there was hardly any mist - causing the delay in the blossoming,” he explains.

Agreeing with Dr Narasimhan, Dr M. Jawaharlal, department of floriculture and landscaping, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, said, “It is likely that December poo would burst into bloom in nearly a month’s time.”

“If this trend continues, then we may well have to change the name of the flower,” he says with a trace of humour.

However, Mr Santhakumar, a flower vendor at the poo market, the flower hub of Coimbatore, said, “There are no takers for December poo these days. Women stay away from buying them and hence we don’t get it here,” he added.

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