Monday, November 7, 2011

Kodi Rose (Mexican Creeper)

Common name: Coral vine, Honolulu creeper, Mexican creeper, Kodi rose கொடி ரோஜா (Tamil), Anantalata (Bengali)


Sumugathai tharum

For bringing in peace and harmony

Botanical name: Antigonon leptopus

- [ (an-TIG-oh-non) from the Latin anti-, (against) and gonia, (an angle), perhaps referring to the zig zag stems; (LEP-toh-puss) slender stalks ]

Synonyms: Antigonon cinerascens, Antigonon cordatum, Antigonon platypus, Corculum leptopum , Corculum leptopus

Family: Polygonaceae (knotweed, or smartweed family)

- [ (pol-LIG-go-nuh-see-ay) or (pol-ee-GO-nuh-see-ay) Many knee joints, angles referring to the shape of the seed ]

Origin: Mexico, Central America

Naturalised in many parts of India. It is a vigorous perennial climber, known for its dense green foliage and small delicate lantern shaped flower in long trailing lovely sprays. The plant has large tuberous roots and several ascending branches of 30-40 feet length. It flowers in all seasons except for a short period during monsoon. The flowers are white or in attractive shades of red and pink.

The creepers grow well over arbours, pergolas, bunds and walls. Regular pruning keeps the plant in good shape. Too much food causes vigorous vegetative growth at the expense of flowering. Propagation can be done by seeds, layers, stem cuttings or from division of the roots.


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Note: Identification attempted; may not be accurate.

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