Monday, November 7, 2011

Mother's Ways

Someone once gave to Mother small bits of fine paper. Mother used it.. And the next time that person came, she showed and told him: see how I have used your paper.

Naturally he was very happy and went on to share the happy news with others. Very soon people started sending all kinds of paper, blocks after blocks of paper began to pour in. One day someone brought old paper. And Mother was obliged to use that paper first because that would be spoilt earlier. So it was kept on Mother’s table.

I saw it but what could I do? Still I said: Mother, people like to keep your writing and they preserve the papers on which you write to them.. These papers are old. Why not use good paper? You have so many kinds of nice paper. Why not give away these old ones to the Prosperity so that Harikant could give them to people when they ask.

I told this to Mother because I knew very well that she would not like to waste. For her it was difficult to tolerate waste. I saw this from the very beginning. I must say, however, that things changed completely later on. She simply kept quiet when lot of waste went around her. I mean waste of all kinds. However, to come back to the story.

Mother: I know people will not use it if it is issued from the Prosperity. I am sure of it.

C: All right, Mother, I shall take and use it.

She was happy because she was sure that it would not be wasted and that I would make the best use of it.

Speaking of making the best use of things, I remember so many occasions when she showed appreciation of my efforts in this direction.

You know the tissue papers, which she used to use for her face. They were so fine; Mother would give them to me one by one after use. I kept them carefully, trying to find out what best use I could make of them.

One day it struck me that out of each such paper two envelopes for blessings-packets could be prepared. Accordingly I prepared some and showed them to the Mother. She was exceedingly pleased and started using them immediately. For people it had a double significance: the packet carried blessing petals from the Mother and the envelope was prepared out of paper used by her.

For Mother it was not enough to use a thing. She wanted the best use to be made of each thing.

‘Champakalal Speaks’

P. 99,100

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