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Next Future- Nov 2011

We are happy to inform you that theNovember 2011 issue of our e-magazine "Next Future" is now out and the Sri Aurobindo Society Website has also been updated
The Mother voices our aspiration and also encourages us in Eternally Yours and Living Words:
Lord, God of Beauty and Harmony,
Grant that we may become instruments worthy of manifesting Thy supreme beauty in the world.
This is our prayer and our aspiration.
- The Mother

Do not give way, hold tight.
It is when everything seems lost that all is saved.

- The Mother

In Question of the Month we continue to take a look at what rules mean for an aspirant following Sri Aurobindo's Yoga; can anything on God's canvas be truly ugly - take a look at The Art of Life; in Creative Corner Anahita speaks of the love between creation and Creator; Resurgent India reviews the state of Indian education in present times; Amal Kiran writes of his experience in The Last Embodied Darshan and finally, although we have presented it before, we have once more included Steve Jobs speech given at Stanford - he was truly inspiring.
Our Editorial tells us how to deal with all the stops and starts that life puts before us:
"Life is so incredibly interesting. Every step of the way, one comes across something new that challenges our very being. It's as if a fresh dialogue is inserted into the script at the last minute and catches us totally off-guard. Not all are ready. Not all are unaware. So if we catch ourselves in the nick of time, everything falls into place and flows smoothly. But if we don't, we bumble and curse. We complain. We scream and shout and lay the blame wherever we can. Not all, but many of us are guilty of this. What we forget at that moment is that the Hand that writes isn't unaware like us. It is, rather, fully conscious of what It is doing and why. It knows what we don't. It believes in what we haven't yet found within ourselves. It remembers what we have long forgotten.
In other words, we have forgotten that whatever comes our way is to bring us closer to the Divine, not take us further back. Trust in that. And see how you fly through every pause and stop and exclamation that life puts before you.
Until the next time..."

The rest of our usual features and series are as follows:
1. Savitri by Mangesh Nadkarni
2. Eternally Yours
3. Living Words
4. Question of the Month - What do Rules Signify for an Aspirant?
5. Flower of the Month - Flowers of Useful Plants and Trees
6. Integral Health - Stress Management by Dr Alok Pandey
7. Integral Education - Transformation by the Mother
8. Commentaries on Thoughts & Aphorisms
9. Sanskrit, A Language of Consciousness - Loka by Sampadananda Mishra
10. Creative Corner - The Romance of the Lotus and the Sun by Anahita Sanjana
11. The Art of Life - The Beauty that Lies Within
12. Resurgent India - Of Past Dawns and Future Noons: Of Frogs and Blackboards (VI) by Shonar
13. The Eternal Wisdom - The Example of the Sage
14. Learning to Unlearn - Who said Wisdom comes with Age? by Harvinder Kaur
15. The last Embodied Darshan by Amal Kiran
16. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - A Speech by Steve Jobs
17. Spotlight

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